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Nov 08

VIDEOS: Isle of Wight A Journey Through Time

While looking through Facebook this evening, we came across some old videos from four different locations from across the Isle of Wight.

We thought we would share these creations with you, to show how the little gem we have has and hasn’t changed over the decades or even centuries!!

Video credit to The Time Travel Artist on Facebook.


Ventnor | A Journey Through Time!


Sandown Pier | A Journey Through Time!


Ryde Pier | A Journey Through Time!


Freshwater Bay | A Journey Through Time!


Feel free to share with friends and family who love history and the Isle of Wight!

Credit where credit is due, they are lovely videos!

It’s a shame there aren’t enough photos of Whitwell so we could produce something ourselves.

But don’t forget, if you would like to find out more about the village of Whitwell, we do have a dedicated Whitwell History website that can be accessed on any device.

Check it out at 


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