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May 03

Spring brings some colour to Ford Farm

The spring weather has definitely taken hold on the Isle of Wight, temperatures are rising, suns shining, plants are starting to perk up after a long winter of mixed weather. 

Here is a selection of photographs taken today (03/05/16) of what has been happening at and around Ford Farm House.


Fields Getting Attention

The fields opposite our house has had some treatment done to it today in preparation to being seeded and produces some crop for the summer.


Gardens Starting to Perk Up

The grass is looking healthy, some of the more matured plants are now starting to get some leaves on them and some buds are forming.

Peasant Enjoying His Lunch

Our usual resident has been paying regular visits to have a spot of lunch, sadly didn’t see an appearance of his Mrs. today.

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We are not able to have anybody stay with us until at least the 4th of July. However, we are taking bookings for holidays in advance.

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