Jan 24

Brand New Website!

Hello and a big Welcome to the brand new Ford Farm House website which was launched on Saturday 23rd January 2016.

We have been working hard over the last few months to improve the existing website to help fulfill site visitors needs.

A main improvement with this new website is that it is now mobile friendly and fits the screen of any device whether it is on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. You can now visit the Ford Farm House website wherever you are with ease.

We have updated the logo to bring it into the year 2016 with an updated icon and font face.

The colour scheme of the entire site has also been slightly modified, but still in keeping with the countryside greens.

We have included a wide variety of new images to the website from the Bed and Breakfast itself to areas of the Isle of Wight.

Photographs have been supplied by both Shane Thornton and Visit Isle of Wight, the Island’s Tourist Board.

There is now a wide variety of places to eat along with things to do on the Island.

The Island’s weather forecast can also now be viewed upto 10 days in advance under the Isle of Wight navigation link at the top of the site.

A Frequently Asked Questions section has also been added to make it easier for you to make your mind up whether staying at Ford Farm House is right for you.

If you like the countryside, you can’t really go wrong!

There are so much more to see and do on this new website from the previous site.

We hope you enjoy browsing the website and hope to hear from you soon.

~ proprietors

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We are not able to have anybody stay with us until at least the 4th of July. However, we are taking bookings for holidays in advance.

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